Years in Education

  • 9 years

Years with Yorkshire Academy

  • Second year

Educational Background

  • B.A. in elementary education from TCU, certified EC-6th

Awards/Specialized Training/Inservice Specialities

  • ESL certified
  • Gifted and talented certified

Special Interests

  • I love traveling, Bible Study, watching my kids play sports, the beach and spending time with family and friends.

Fun Facts

  • I have been married to my husband, Watson, for 18 years and we have three kids (Jackson:16, Ben:14, Claire:10).
  • I went on a mission trip to Kenya in the summer of 2019 and plan to lead another group in the Summer of 2020!
  • I'm head over heels in love my dogs, Lucy (Labrador) and Olivia (Terrier/Chihuahua Mix).