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Private School Interscholastic Association

Yorkshire Academy PSIA Team Shines Bright!

Our students brought home the District Championship and clinched 3rd place at the 2023 PSIA State Meet.

Yorkshire Academy has competed in the Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA) since 1998. PSIA motivates students to:

  • Find new excitement in learning
  • Achieve mastery
  • Test their skills and knowledge
  • Know the satisfaction of their best performance
  • Achieve recognition for academic excellence

Students choose from a variety of subjects, including: art history, creative writing, math, spelling, music memory, and storytelling and then compete against other area private schools on the district level. The top two contestants in each district level contest will advance to the state level (except for Creative Writing and Storytelling, where just the first place students advance).

Yorkshire Academy students have performed exceedingly well in all elementary PSIA District and State Contests. Students have earned numerous state medals, including such impressive honors as top rankings in Art Memory, Creative Writing, Number Sense, Math, Music Memory, Prose Interpretation,  Ready Writing, and Storytelling.

Every year since 2019, Yorkshire Academy has won their PSIA Elementary district division. In addition, Yorkshire Academy won the 2023 PSIA State Meet's 2nd place trophy which is very impressive considering the size of the school. Nineteen students advanced to the State Meet held at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas and competed in Art Memory, Creative Writing, Math, Music Memory,  On-site Drawing, Prose, Ready Writing, and Spelling.

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Yorkshire Academy is awarded a statewide 3rd place trophy

Yorkshire Academy is awarded a statewide 3rd place trophy 

Yorkshire Academy’s 2023 PSIA District contenders

Yorkshire Academy’s 2023 PSIA District Contenders