Mosaic of images showing our private school students learning and exploring activities.

Yorkshire Academy in Houston, TX is a private school that welcomes students at preschool and elementary school ages. If your child needs an exemplary education and camaraderie with peers of the same age, we invite you to take advantage of our private preschool admissions and elementary admissions. We provide a wholesome and nurturing environment where students can reach their full potential with impressive lessons and coursework at an elementary level. Meanwhile, preschool students build bonds with teachers and other children while getting accustomed to a school environment. The staff and faculty at our private school maintain high standards of education and enrichment to ensure your child’s time in our classrooms benefits their academic and personal development. Apply for student admission at our school to give your child a top-quality academic experience so that they can pursue a happy and prosperous future.

About Yorkshire Academy in Houston, TX

Founder and Executive Director Shirley Swinbank started Yorkshire Academy’s history as a preschool with 80 students in West Houston. We gradually built our educational institute to offer exciting programs for children from 18 months old through fifth grade. Our student body grew to 275 students, and parents continually requested we expand our program to include middle school ages. However, we decided to focus our private academy on younger children by concentrating on private preschool and elementary school. We operate our school with a mission to provide a safe, secure, and loving environment where we cultivate our students’ qualities of character, citizenship, and academic curiosity.

British Curriculum Equivalent for Texas Students

At Yorkshire Academy, we teach a curriculum encompassing all the British school system’s early learning goals at Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Our academic institute is open to students from all around the world who have settled in our city, including British children seeking an education equal to one they would receive in their home country. According to our registration forms, families with children attending classes and preschool with us currently account for 60 different countries of origin. International families don’t need to worry about their children re-entering their old schools if they return to their respective countries. In fact, we have educated countless British students in our 37-year history as a private school, and all of them transitioned back into the British school system without any issues. Our seamless student transitions make international education a straightforward process, guiding children through their academic development while ensuring their continued learning after leaving our school and country.

Contact Us to Start the Admissions Process

Our institute looks forward to reviewing your student’s eligibility through preschool and elementary school levels, as well as private school kindergarten. The admissions process is an essential step to continuing our legacy as a shepherd guiding early learners through their academic and personal achievements. Families worldwide making temporary or permanent homes in our Texas communities have entrusted their children to Yorkshire Academy because of our dedication to exceptional class curriculums. We make education accessible to students of many cultural backgrounds and global origins, including local children whose parents and guardians value an advanced academic opportunity covering early childhood through their primary education. Families can use this page to start the process and submit their children for private preschool and private elementary school admissions. Contact us today if you have any questions about our private school and what you can expect while attending it.