Yorkshire Academy’s West Houston Upper Elementary program is unique in its focus on the core academic courses: math, language arts, social studies and science combined with extraordinary enrichment classes: music, art, Spanish, computer, and physical education to make for the complete education package.


Our mission is to cultivate qualities of character, citizenship, and academic curiosity in a safe, secure, and loving environment, providing personal and engaging educational opportunities in academics and the visual and performing arts. For upper elementary students, we also ensure that students graduate from fifth grade prepared for very successful social and academic middle school experiences.

Your Child’s Age

  • Grades 3 to 5

About Us

  • Safe, secure, challenging
  • 1:16 teacher/student ratio
  • Accelerated curriculum
  • Promethean Interactive Boards
  • Go Math! curriculum
  • Savvas My View Language Program w/emphasis on Reading Comprehension, Listening, Writing, and Grammar
  • Literature Circles
  • Student centered, inquiry based STEM Science Program
  • Social Studies Alive curriculum
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Marvelous Music which includes such things as: tone chimes, recorders, voice, and full scale productions
  • Art adventures including Houston Livestock Show Art Competition and Art History
  • P.E./Health and sports—including basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and Presidential Fitness
  • Library-Accelerated Reader, Research
  • Computer and Technology Program
  • Academic Competitions
  • British Curriculum Equivalent



Upper Elementary Language Arts students participate in all aspects of language through various resources that ensure each child’s success. Students develop appreciation and understanding of grammar and writing techniques through exposure to all genres of literature. Students follow the writing process resulting in excellence in written expression. Deep novel studies during literature circles encourage confidence in making evaluations in a safe environment and making valuable cultural connections. Art projects are integrated with each novel study to speak to all learning preferences.

Resources include:


  • Savvas My View
  • Class sets of novels


  • ABYDOS Pro 4th and 5th Grade—An Integrated Writing and Grammar Curriculum
  • Daily Journal Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Book Reports
  • All genres of writing


The upper elementary math program is a blended math curriculum that draws from a variety of resources (Go Math!, Greg Tang Math, Eureka Math, ST Math etc.) creating a curriculum that is tailored to meeting the needs of all Yorkshire students. We focus on the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Our program emphasizes conceptual understanding: the “why” not just the “how.” As it is not enough for students to just get a correct answer, multiple solution methods are encouraged and evaluated as to their advantages and disadvantages. Students need to be able to explain their thinking and understand and explain the thinking of their peers.*

Our program meets students at their current stage of development and is committed to deepening their understanding, fostering curiosity, and ensuring their growth as mathematicians.


Our objective in science is to build a deeper knowledge and understanding of science concepts. This is accomplished by teaching students through a student centered, inquiry based STEM program that focues on concepts in Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences.

Social Studies

Social Studies classes use Social Studies Alive curriculum that covers various topics, including geography, United States History, communities, and landforms. Annual Social Studies Night highlights students’ gifts, talents, and interests.


Yorkshire Academy strongly believes in the benefits of enrichment classes, including music, art, Spanish, computer, P.E. Social Emotional Learning, and library. Our goal is to educate the whole child and exercise both sides of the brain. All elementary students attend each of these classes twice per week, with the exception of P.E. which they attend every day.

* Source: Summaries of these findings and studies are reported in a document titled Scientific Research Base for Saxon Math K-12.

School Hours

  • Arrival 7:30–8:00 a.m. with class beginning promptly at 8:00 a.m.
  • Students are dismissed between 2:45–3:00 p.m. Before and after care is available.

Highlights of The Year

  • Field Trips
  • Annual Spring Musical Starring Roles
  • Nutcracker
  • PSIA Academic Competition
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Literature Circles
  • Talent Show
  • Field Day
  • Fifth Grade Graduation