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Fifth Grade at Yorkshire Academy

Yorkshire Academy is proud to offer a fantastic fifth grade program for our students. Despite the fact that our school only goes up to fifth grade, it is not unusual for students to join for this year only, and their families say that the move was worth it even though it was just for one year!

Fifth graders are the oldest students at our school, so they are entrusted to take on the role of school leaders. As upper elementary school comes to an end, the teachers at Yorkshire Academy want to give your child the best experience possible. At our private school, fifth grade is about preparing your child to succeed in middle school and beyond. Find out more about what fifth graders can expect at Yorkshire Academy.

Exploring Fifth Grade Education

  • School Leadership Role
  • Musical Lead Parts
  • SEEDS—Ocean Guardian Projects
  • Performance Program Artists for Nutcracker and Musical
  • Literature Circles
  • PSIA Academic Competition
  • Community Service Project Sponsors—Casa de Esperanza
  • Fifth Grade Mother’s Day Celebration
  • Fifth Grade Graduation
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Contest
  • Camp Olympia

   British Curriculum Equivalent

My students always say fifth grade is the most fun. We work hard and do our best, we lead in all aspects of our school, and we love to star in the school musical. We feel pride as we look back at our school years at Yorkshire Academy, and we look forward to knowing we are well prepared for an exciting and challenging future.   

Jacqui Stanley, fifth grade teacher

Top Notch Curriculum Breakdown

Yorkshire Academy is well known throughout Houston for an excellent curriculum that covers all the critical bases. We make sure your child has a good foundation to start middle school and high school in the coming years. Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in our premier private education:

  • Language Arts: Upper Elementary Language Arts students participate in all aspects of language through various resources that ensure each child’s success. Students develop an appreciation and understanding of grammar through exposure to all genres of literature. Students follow the writing process resulting in excellence in written expression. Deep novel studies during literature circles encourage confidence in making evaluations in a safe environment and making valuable cultural connections. Art projects are integrated with each novel study to speak to all learning preferences.
  • Literature Circles: Yorkshire Academy students in our literature circles are fortunate to have access to class sets of novels that comprise a wide variety representing literature of different countries and cultures. Fourth and fifth grade students engage in a cooperative, social setting, which encourages confidence in making evaluations in a safe environment.
  • Social Studies: The focus is on American history from the arrival of the first Europeans up through the 20th century. The class will explore the geographic, economic, and civic details of this period. Our teachers use History Alive! as a way to show how events from our past continue to influence the modern world.
  • Science: We expand on what students learned in fourth grade with more in-depth lessons in physical science, life science, and earth science using student-centered, inquiry-based STEM initiatives. Students also benefit from the SEEDS program (Students Engaging in the Environment through Discovery and Science).
  • Math: Our accelerated math curriculum uses a blend of Go Math!, Greg Tang math, and other resources to create a specialized math program that builds a strong foundation of number sense and a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Pique Your Child’s Interest with Enrichment Programs

Yorkshire Academy shows how important we feel it is to educate the whole child by the amount of time and resources given to our enrichment programs, which include music, art, computer, library, Spanish, physical education, and social emotional learning. Fifth graders are the stars of the annual spring musical. Additionally, they are the artists for the Nutcracker and spring musical programs, as well as submitting their artwork to the annual Houston Livestock and Rodeo Art Show. Fifth grade students may also participate in PSIA (Private School Interscholastic Association) in subjects such as Math, writing, prose, and spelling..

Using Technology to the Fullest

In each of the subjects we teach, we strive to incorporate technology. We teach our young students all platforms, as well as coding so that they are prepared to transition to middle school. At Yorkshire Academy, we utilize applications such as Google Classroom, online curriculum, Kahoot, and much more to get students acquainted with technology as a learning tool.

Ways We Enjoy Fifth Grade at Yorkshire Academy

Our fifth grade students have plenty to look forward to during this year of private school. They get to star in an annual musical and participate in our SEEDS program, in which they have the chance to present on ocean-related topics. They also enjoy our Camp Olympia trip and several other field trips that may take them to Galveston, Houston Fine Arts Museum or Houston’s Museum of Natural Science, or the NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab. They wrap up their time at Yorkshire Academy with a graduation speech that sums up all their experiences with us. This only scratches the surface of everything that makes this year one that students never forget.

Before and After School Care Program: Safecare

Yorkshire Academy provides before and after school care to students that need it. We accept drop off’s as early as 7:00 a.m. and pick up’s as late as 6:00 p.m. Our Homework Club is from 3:00–4:00 p.m., and is available to students enrolled in our elementary after school care program. Yorkshire Academy also offers the Memorial Afterschool Program (MAP), which includes afterschool classes such as chess, piano, art, Tae Kwon Do, soccer and more.

Consider Yorkshire Academy for Your Fifth Grader

Does Yorkshire Academy sound like the best place for your incoming fifth grader? With a comprehensive curriculum, fantastic teachers, and students from all over the world, we believe that our Houston private school is a truly special place for young students. Contact us today for more information.