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Houston’s Choice Pre-K Educational Program

The method Yorkshire Academy uses to prepare our four-year old students for the transition to elementary school blends the core subjects: math, language arts, social studies, and science with a wide array of enrichment classes, i.e., music, art, computer, library, and Spanish.


Yorkshire Academy’s Innovative Program

Students from 18 months to fifth grade to actively participate and engage in their education. Our pre-kindergarten program sets a solid foundation for success in the years to come. We emphasize interpersonal skills, understanding primary concepts such as colors, numbers, and shapes, and we encourage active participation through fun and engaging projects, physical activity, music, art, and play time.

The Yorkshire Academy Method

The method Yorkshire Academy’s West Houston Pre-kindergarten uses to prepare its four-year-old students for the transition to elementary school blends the core subjects: math, language arts, social studies, and science with a wide array of enrichment classes, including music, art, computer, library, and Spanish. Our signature Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum incorporates early learning disciplines with a high level of enrichment programs that allow our youngest students to express their creativity in art, have guided computer access, and enjoy physical activities and music.

In language arts, we encourage students to blend phonics and learn their letters. In math, we focus on symbol recognition, counting patterns, and initiating the concepts of adding and subtracting by using hands-on manipulatives. In social studies, the children learn about the seven major continents and their respective cultures, while learning what it means to be a “good neighbor.” In science, we study trees, flowers, fruit, and animal habitats while doing simple and fun experiments with magnets, water, and colors. As our students’ knowledge progresses, we introduce them to concepts such as outer space, stars, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

Music and art are encouraged when the kids perform a holiday show at the Mother’s Day Tea and Buckaroo Breakfast with Dad or Granddad, as well as by learning how to use their fine motor skills (using scissors, crayons, markers, paint, and glue) to create beautiful and fun art projects. Spanish and physical education also encompass their days with learning to greet and speak basic words while working together in team-related activities that encourage cooperation and communication.

Pre-k singing as a group

School Hours

  • Arrival 8:15–8:30 a.m. with class beginning promptly at 8:30 a.m.
  • Students not attending Afternoon Enrichment are escorted to the Memorial drive-thru for 12:00 p.m. pick up.
  • Afternoon Enrichment students are to be picked up at the Memorial drive-thru between 2:30–2:45 p.m.

Highlights of The Year

  • Witnessing so many first-time readers is thrilling
  • Watching the transformation from math as play to math as numbers and computation
  • Sharing our different cultures
  • Annual field trips, usually to a play in the fall and a ranch in the spring
  • Buckaroo Breakfast with Dad and/or Granddad
  • Mother’s Day Tea
  • Enjoying interesting speakers


About us

Our mission is to provide a secure environment that fosters a positive self-image by helping each child develop age-appropriate social and cognitive skills through multi-sensory learning experiences. We work closely with parents to understand each child’s unique needs. We value clear and open communication between parents and teachers to ensure your child gets the support required to thrive. When you’re looking for a scholastic program that will help your child bloom into a successful and independent learner, there’s no better choice than Yorkshire Academy. 

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