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Second Grade at Yorkshire Academy

Reading Café
Reading Café
50 Day of School
50 Day of School
Language Arts class
Language Arts class
PSIA Academic District Award Ceremony
PSIA Academic District Award Ceremony
Little Mermaid Rehearsal
Little Mermaid Rehearsal
Yorkshire’s ‘Macy’s’ Day Parade
Yorkshire’s ‘Macy’s’ Day Parade
International Dot Day Art Celebration
International Dot Day Art Celebration
Holiday Party
Holiday Party
West Bay Common School field trip
West Bay Common School field trip

Second grade lands right in the middle of your child’s formative years. As such, this school year is a crucial time for your student’s academic, physical, emotional, and social development.

If you’re seeking the best private school to educate your child during this critical time, you’ve come to the right place. Yorkshire Academy has been educating Houston students for 37 years. Our lower elementary school is highly-reputable, well-known for quality academics and top-notch enrichment programs. Our teaching and administrative staff have a wealth of experience and offer compassionate care every day of the week. Learn more about starting second grade at Yorkshire Academy’s private elementary.

Exploring Second Grade Education

  • Reading Cafe
  • Thanksgiving Play
  • 50th and 100th Day of School Dress-Up Celebrations
  • Second/Third Grade Reading Buddies
  • Science Fair
  • Musical
  • PSIA Academic Competition

   British Curriculum Equivalent

Second grade at Yorkshire Academy is something very special. I just love that our students start each day eager to unwrap what the day has to offer. Whether it’s a fun hands-on science experiment or finishing up a writing assignment, each student is excited to great each new day ready to learn. I absolutely love watching these students take concepts to the next level and desire to know more and dive deeper. Teaching these kids is so much fun and makes me a better educator!

Kate Potter, second grade teacher

Striving for Our Lofty Mission

At Yorkshire Academy, we’re committed to fulfilling our mission statement in everything we do. We use this message as a benchmark for our success, as well as a guideline for the future. Our team strives to adhere to its values for students in all of our classes. Our philosophy reads as follows: “We respect each student’s individuality. We invest time and energy in helping students understand that they are worthy, have talent, and can succeed. We build confidence, encouraging students to understand that risks are worth taking, and failure is a learning opportunity. We encourage students to stretch beyond their current achievements and points of view, thereby helping them build self-esteem and pride of accomplishment.”

Our Second Grade Dream Team

Yorkshire Academy has built a dream team of educators to teach our second graders. Their years of experience in the classroom, combined with their predispositions toward kindness and understanding, make them perfect for this role. Each of our instructors is easily accessible through email and utilizes other communication tools such as sharing pictures and videos weekly using the Seesaw program. We’re always ready to open a line of communication with parents!

A Robust Science Curriculum

Science is one of our second graders’ favorite subjects at our private elementary school. Your student will learn the basics of scientific thinking through a combination of projects, experiments, and hands-on learning. Our curriculum covers all the bases when it comes to the fundamentals of science. You can expect your child to become familiar with matter, force, life cycles, nutrition, fossils, natural resources, and much more.

Mastering Second Grade Language Arts

Building upon your child’s existing reading and writing skills is essential in second grade. Our lower elementary school students focus on learning grammar and mechanics through interesting readings and entertaining stories we read together and assign as homework. Throughout second grade, your student will gain a better grasp of grammar, as well as work on cursive writing skills. Your child will learn to love reading with a third-grade reading buddy and master the art of writing to a pen pal.

Improving Math Fluency at Yorkshire Academy

Go Math! curriculum builds upon the principles students learned in first grade and takes them to the next level. This program involves interactive learning modules where students can practice difficult concepts and apply them to real-life scenarios. Our amazing team also integrates other resources to create a challenging curriculum that builds confidence and strong conceptual understanding of math.

Understanding All Aspects of Social Studies

Social Studies in second grade is action packed! We study geography with interactive maps and images of landforms. Then we build upon their knowledge with studies in culture and how it’s related to the global and local environment. Our Social Studies Alive curriculum also includes units in history, civics, and economics. Second graders come away with a well-rounded appreciation of social studies.

We Include Technology in the Second Grade Classroom

At Yorkshire Academy, we recognize the growing importance of utilizing technology in the classroom. Advances and technology aren’t slowing down any time soon and getting children to understand these resources early on is crucial. Second graders learn the basics of computers, including typing and presentation skills, and coding, as well as becoming adept at completing assignments and projects on all platforms and devices.

Enriching Your Second Grader’s Education

Second grade is about more than just memorizing facts set out by the state of Texas. At Yorkshire Academy, your child will also have the advantage of numerous enrichment programs to complement their education in math, reading, and science. We incorporate art and music into our curriculum, as well as physical education coursesSpanish languagecomputer skillslibrary, and social-emotional learning.

Teaching Much More than Math and Science

Beyond academics, Yorkshire Academy also focuses on teaching a range of life skills your child will use for years to come. Our hands-on activities and curriculum emphasize collaboration and negotiation among peers, as well as conflict resolution. We also incorporate opportunities for creativity, decision-making, and leadership. We’re here to help your child develop the character traits they’ll need for the entirety of their life.

Yorkshire’s challenging academic curriculum, top-rate arts program, and nurturing school culture fostered a life-long love of learning I continue to lean on today in my Ph.D. program as I work to become a University Professor.

samantha darnell, yorkshire ALUMNI

Getting Started on Calming and Mindfulness Techniques

In addition to a variety of life skills, our second graders also learn calming and mindfulness techniques. These strategies can help your student manage stress and take new challenges in stride. Life is always throwing you challenges, so starting students on mindful techniques early prepares them to handle stressful situations. A little dose of yoga might be thrown in some days.

Highly-Anticipated Field Trips

Field trips are among the most anticipated days for our lower elementary school students. We’ve taken our second graders to a plethora of educational attractions around Houston. In the past, we’ve visited the Crocodile Encounter, Downtown Aquarium, Main Street Theatre, Space Center Houston, West Bay Common School, and so many more.

Highlighting Some of Our Special Programs

As we mentioned earlier, second grade is more than just memorizing math facts and grammar rules. We strive to provide an enriching environment full of non-conventional learning opportunities. In addition to exciting field trips, we stage a spring musical and compete in district and state academic meets. For our students who love to have their nose buried in a book, we hold a reading challenge, as well as pair students with a reading buddy. 

A Typical Day as a Yorkshire Academy Second Grader

Classes at our Houston private school start promptly at 8:00 a.m. each morning. We suggest arriving at around 7:45 a.m. to ensure your student has time to get organized before their action-packed day begins. School stays in session until 2:30 p.m.

Get in Touch with Houston’s Premier Private School

Interested in learning more about second grade at Yorkshire Academy? Our team is always ready to answer your questions! We understand discerning parents might have lots of inquiries to make concerning academics, special programs, and more. We’ll endeavor to address each of your questions with a succinct, complete answer to put your mind at ease. Second grade is a crucial time in your student’s development, but our lower elementary school has the resources to set your child up for success. Get in touch with our Houston private school for more information.