Yorkshire Academy’s West Houston Lower Elementary program is defined by its small class sizes, strong academics, and incredible enrichment classes giving each student all the ingredients necessary to be prepared and eager for the next grade’s challenges.


Our mission is to cultivate qualities of character, citizenship, and academic curiosity in a safe, secure, and loving environment, providing personal and engaging educational opportunities in academics and the visual and performing arts.

Your Child’s Age

  • Grades K to 2

About Us

  • Safe, secure, challenging
  • 1:16 teacher/student ratio
  • Accelerated curriculum
  • Promethean Interactive Boards
  • Saxon Math & Go Math! curriculum
  • Savvas My View Program with emphasis on Phonics, Reading, Comprehension, Listening, Writing, and Grammar
  • Hands-on Science
  • Marvelous Music which includes introduction to instruments, voice and full scale productions
  • Art adventures like the Houston Livestock Show Art Competition and Art History
  • P.E. and sports—including basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and Presidential Fitness
  • Outdoor Learning Center
  • Library-Accelerated Reader, Research
  • Computer and Technology/IPADS
  • Academic Competitions
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • British Curriculum Equivalent



The Saxon Math program is utilized in our in Kindergarten classes. Practice and assessment are linked closely allowing for concentration and immediate practice. Assessments are oral and focus on one or two concepts. Daily Meetings and Math Center activities allow students to engage in continual review and concept introduction. “Saxon Math’s unique approach to math instruction ensures that students not only gain, but also retain essential math skills.” Research studies show that students who receive incremental instruction, continual practice, and cumulative assessment show greater skill acquisition and achievement.*

Go Math! is now used in Grades 1 and 2, with Daily Meeting Boards, incremental instruction, daily fact practice, daily homework, and cumulative assessments. The continual practice of previously presented concepts strengthens students’ grasp and retention of material. Also used is Lone Star Target the Question Math and Greg Tang Math.


Savvas My View serves to engage students in such concepts as creative writing, structure, phonics, and verbal expression. STAR Reading Tests are given to first -fifth graders as an efficient way to evaluate foundational skills, reading informational text, reading literature, and language development. Beginning in second grade children participate in the “Accelerated Reader” program, which supports classroom reading at a pace tailored to individual abilities, as well as begin to learn cursive writing. Our language program also offers an online leveled database for leveled reading.


Our objective in Science is to ensure that all students learn to love science through hands-on activities while acquiring necessary knowledge in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Environmental topics. An annual science fair gives students the opportunity to showcase their favorite science topic. 

Social Studies

Students explore an array of topics from communities to United States History to foreign cultures. Field trips, individual projects and group projects help students gain first-hand knowledge of lessons learned in the classroom. Annual Social Studies Night highlights students’ gifts, talents, and interests.


From the age of four, all students attend courses in Spanish. Children become familiar with Spanish-speaking cultures while learning to write, read, and speak a foreign language.


Starting at the age of five, students are taught to effectively use the computer and its applications, including the Windows operating system, Internet access tools, Microsoft Word, Excel, desktop publishing, drawing packages and PowerPoint, along with typing and keyboarding.


All students participate in library activities, including checking out library books, having stories read to them, listening and engaging in short stories, classic literature, poetry, puppetry, and more. The Accelerated Reader program begins in 2nd grade.

Music and Art

From school musical productions to studies in art history offered in our music and art programs, Yorkshire prides itself on the opportunities it offers students to discover their creative talents and practice such fundamental skills as coordination, listening, and teamwork.

Physical Fitness/Health

Yorkshire’s P.E. program provides age-appropriate activities for exercising the body and mind. Students sharpen coordination skills while practicing concepts including teamwork, taking turns, and sportsmanship. 

* Source: Summaries of these findings and studies are reported in a document titled Scientific Research Base for Saxon Math K-12.

School Hours

  • Arrival 7:30–8:00 a.m. with class beginning promptly at 8:00 a.m.
  • Students are dismissed between 2:45–3:00 p.m. Before and after care is available.

Highlights of The Year

  • Thanksgiving Play
  • Field Trips
  • Annual Spring Musical
  • Youth Olympics
  • Christmas Play
  • PSIA Academic Competition
  • Math Night
  • Science Fair
  • Social Studies Night/Patriotic Tribute
  • Splash Day
  • Field Day
  • Talent Show
  • Kindergarten Graduation