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Spanish Classes for Students in Houston, TX

An Unmatched Elementary Spanish Curriculum

Public schools across the nation sorely lack foreign language education at the elementary level. And with Spanish becoming more and more common in the United States, it only makes sense to learn the language early. At Yorkshire Academy, we understand the vital importance of cross-cultural communication. Our Spanish Enrichment Program is designed to teach children the fundamentals of the language, as well as give them a better understanding of the vibrant culture. Learn more about how our curriculum can enrich your child’s elementary experience. 

Yorkshire Academy offers Spanish classes to all preschool through 5th gradestudents as part of their regular enrichment classes. Conversational Spanish, vocabulary and grammar are highlighted as students progress through the years.

In addition, Yorkshire Academy’s Memorial Afterschool Program offers afterschool Spanish classes which compliments the school’s Spanish curriculum

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What Your Student Will Learn

Students participating in our Spanish program will be exposed to all facets of the language. After all, learning a language is much more than just memorizing vocabulary lists. Our instructors highlight the following skills for students of all levels:

  • Conversational Spanish
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Basic sentence structure 
  • Reading comprehension

Exploring the Cultural Aspect of Language

Yorkshire students in preschool through 5th grade will have the chance to explore Hispanic cultures through their Spanish classes. Making maracas, learning about cultural foods, and listening to classic Hispanic music are all examples of ways we incorporate Spanish, Central American, and South American culture into the classroom. For students who are especially interested in the language and culture, we offer after-school Spanish classes for kids that complement the daily curriculum.

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The Benefits of Early Spanish Education

Most schools don’t teach foreign languages until high school—so why does Yorkshire Academy make it a point to offer a Spanish program for young children? Preschool and elementary-age children are exposed to a world of benefits when they begin learning Spanish early in life. Some of these advantages will serve them far beyond the walls of Yorkshire Academy! Benefits include:

  • Respect Different Cultures: An understanding of diverse cultures leads to respect for those people. Your child will also have the chance to enjoy music, literature, and movies they otherwise wouldn’t be able to decipher!
  • Set Up for Future Success: Yorkshire students are set up to succeed in middle/high school Spanish classes, college language courses, and even the workforce. 

We Offer an Array of Enrichment Programs 

At Yorkshire Academy, we offer much more than just private elementary school Spanish classes. Our instructors are proud to provide several enrichment programs that you won't find at your typical private school. Our students have the exciting opportunity to learn more about the following subjects:

Talk to Us About Admissions Today 

Are you ready to apply for admission to Yorkshire Academy? Our students are granted a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow academically, socially, and culturally. If you'd like to learn more about our Spanish enrichment program, don't hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to answer your questions and explain the program in further detail.

Afterschool Enrichment?

MAP—Memorial Afterschool Program

Yorkshire Academy offers an extensive afterschool enrichment program with classes like chess, Math Madness, Building Brains, Science Sizzles, robotics, IPAD, Spanish, Chinese, art, acting, dance, KidFit, tae kwon do, soccer, tennis, and many more.