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P.E. Classes for Children in Houston, TX

students running a race

Promoting Physical Education as well as Academics

We can’t overstate the importance of physical activity for young children! Because physical education is paramount to a child’s development, Yorkshire Academy offers an array of P.E. classes and chances to get moving. Our students enjoy all kinds of sports and exercise activities, as well as several opportunities to learn more about nutritional and mental health. Our private school is committed to educating well-rounded young people who have an excellent understanding of their health needs. Learn more about our private elementary school P.E. program.

What to Expect from Our P.E. Program 

The Physical Education Enrichment Program at Yorkshire Academy is designed to be comprehensive, including exercise and a variety of skill-based training. During the day, students will learn about personal health and nutrition. In addition to these physical education classes, students enjoy recess and extra outside time at lunch, weather permitting. We never want our students to miss out on a chance to get some exercise! Our P.E. Enrichment Program covers the following topics:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Team sports
  • Nutrition
  • Personal hygiene
  • Building a positive self-image
students running the obstacle course

Obstacle Course Runners

Yorkshire students playing field hockey

Yorkshire Students Enjoying Field Hockey

Four square with Coach Hanst

Four square with Coach Hanst

Why Physical Education Is Crucial 

P.E. programs for kids are instrumental in developing well-rounded young adults. There are some clear benefits to these programs, including general physical fitness and a better understanding of one’s own body. However, the list of benefits is much longer. Here are a few more ways your child can thrive thanks to physical education:

  • Self-Discipline: Participating in physical activity helps build self-discipline. After all, many of these activities are challenging at first and require lots of hard work!
  • Reduced Stress: It's true—regular physical activity reduces stress in the long run. Movement is a natural outlet for tension and anxiety, and daily exercise can result in a better ability to relax when necessary.
  • Self-Confidence: In addition to creating more disciplined students, physical education helps children discover confidence in their abilities. What seems impossible one day can be second nature the next with a bit of elbow grease!
  • Teamwork: Physical education activities teach children to work as a team to reach a common goal. 
Yorkshire Students playing Soccer


Our P.E. Program Continues After School 

Parents who would like to supplement private elementary school P.E. classes can do so through our after-school program! Yorkshire Academy’s Memorial Afterschool Program offers an array of physical activities to get the blood pumping. Your child might choose to learn tae kwon do, golf, tennis, basketball or several more sports.

Scooter Basketball

Scooter Basketball

Take Advantage of Other Enrichment Programs 

At Yorkshire Academy, we believe in fostering curiosity and exposing children to a wide range of topics. We also offer enrichment programs in these subjects:

Have a Question About Admission?

If you’re ready to apply for admission to Yorkshire Academy, we’re here to help. Our administrative staff is happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Simply contact us by phone or email, and we’d be glad to set up a tour or a meeting with one of our team members. 

Afterschool Enrichment?

MAP—Memorial Afterschool Program logo

Yorkshire Academy offers an extensive afterschool enrichment program with classes like chess, Math Madness, Building Brains, Science Sizzles, robotics, IPAD, Spanish, Chinese, art, acting, dance, KidFit, tae kwon do, soccer, tennis, and many more.