A favorite part of every Yorkshire Pre-K through 5th grade student’s week is their computer classes!

Yorkshire’s state-of-the-art MAC lab offers a wide array of computer software applications, including Microsoft Office, various keyboarding programs, learning.com, and grolier.com. Our students have the benefit of being proficient in the MAC and PC world. IPADs are utilized throughout the school as a further enhancement to our computer tools. Additionally, our students benefit from the collaboration between the computer lab and the classroom teachers in project based learning activities. Last year was the first time we participated in the Hour of Code.

Although young children seem to have been born with instinctive computer savvy, a structured computer curriculum is a vital part of education today. Yorkshire Academy realized many years ago the importance of technology education, and strives to stay at the cutting edge.

Afterschool Enrichment?

MAP—Memorial Afterschool Program

Yorkshire Academy offers an extensive afterschool enrichment program with classes like chess, Math Madness, Building Brains, Science Sizzles, robotics, IPAD, Spanish, Chinese, art, acting, dance, KidFit, tae kwon do, soccer, tennis, and many more.