Yorkshire Academy’s fine arts program allows students to explore and experience the world of art and artists with emphasis on art production, knowledge of historical and cultural contexts, and critical and aesthetic responses to works of art.

In our lower elementary and Pre-K programs emphasis is given to one of the intentions of making art: to communicate ideas. Classes also focus on where artists in the past and present, get their images for drawing and painting.  Students are encouraged to use their memory, imagination, and observation techniques to create works of art. Yorkshire students are also introduced to color theory (primary and secondary colors) and elements of art (line, shape, texture, etc.) early on in the program, while learning about famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Yorkshire’s upper elementary students continue a strong learning relationship between art history and art production while exploring dissimilarity between portrait, landscape, and still life art. Students are also introduced to printmaking (linoleum and wood cut techniques) and sculpture with modeling clay as a way to make art.  All students at Yorkshire keep an art portfolio of works created throughout the school year and fifth grade students keep a journal/sketchbook.

The art program at Yorkshire also works closely with the music program in designing sets for the school musicals and also helps in making the school more beautiful by decorating our school walls with their masterpieces.

There is no getting around it: art is a fun and messy class, and it should be! What fun would it be if the art room was spotless and filled with children who quietly worked without expressing delight at a newly created sculpture or exclaiming excitedly when they discover a new color? The joy of art encourages creative expression, inventive learning, and social interaction.

Afterschool Enrichment?

MAP—Memorial Afterschool Program

Yorkshire Academy offers an extensive afterschool enrichment program with classes like chess, Math Madness, Building Brains, Science Sizzles, robotics, IPAD, Spanish, Chinese, art, acting, dance, KidFit, tae kwon do, soccer, tennis, and many more.