“Ethan, Blake and Sophia attended Yorkshire Academy from two years old (Cottage) until they graduated in fifth grade. All three children have moved on to middle school, but will never forget their time at Yorkshire Academy.”

Kimberly R.

“We’ve got plenty of wonderful memories about the almost three years we spent at Yorkshire Academy. We have found there great teachers, great friends and an incredible combination of an international and a family friendly environment. We have enjoyed tremendously the academic part as well as the enrichment programs. Yorkshire Academy is a special place that we will keep in our hearts forever.”

Federica KP, Italy

“Yorkshire Academy was Liam’s Crossing. Through the incredible commitment that the teachers and families offered at Yorkshire, Liam was able to experience a world of learning and caring that catapulted him from a child that lacked confidence about who he was to a young man that is taking on challenge, being bold but not arrogant in who he is, being kind and giving to others and continually amazing his family and friends.

We are now living in Anchorage, Alaska—back to our roots—but dreaming of another living experience beyond Alaska some day.

Liam is attending achieving straight A’s. He is applying for an exceptional top-rated school for his secondary education. He is ready to take on the world, ready to experience learning and living in a positive way.

I write this note as a proud mother but one that was humbled by the amazing impact Yorkshire had on my son, my family and me. We shall never forgot Yorkshire’s gift.

Sandy B., Alaska

“Gabe’s elementary education began and ended at Yorkshire Academy. Yorkshire was a place our son went to foster his love for learning, forge friendships with children hailing from countries all over the world, express his individuality, and have the virtues of respect, honor and citizenship reinforced through daily practice.

YA allowed our son to grow, develop and excel in a loving, nurturing, safe environment while expanding his horizons through academics, interactive learning, and cultural awareness.

Gabe has successfully transitioned into middle school, where it seems we are asked at least once a week by faculty or other parents, “Where did Gabe go to elementary school?” Commenting, “He is well prepared and on task with a great skill set.”

We know that loving what you do and those for whom you do it make a difference in outcome. In this regard, thank you to the staff and administration of YA for making a difference for our son Gabe. ”

Janice and John

“Yorkshire was more than a school to us, it was a partner in the education of our children. No doubt their current success is due, in part, to the great start they had at Yorkshire.”

“I still quote Shirley Swinbank to my children... ‘Do your personal best!’”

Lauren, senior and Paul, sophomore, now living in Colorado

“Yorkshire Academy is a place where kids can learn, as well as develop exceptional interpersonal skills and character. Our daughter Rachael was fortunate enough to attend Yorkshire Academy for four years. This year she returned to a large public school and we were concerned about whether she would be ready, academically and socially for such a large and challenging environment. We shouldn’t have worried.

Yorkshire’s consistently high academic standards and the depth of material given to Rachael by her Yorkshire teachers prepared her to do well and Rachael’s preparation for junior high was impeccable. She easily tested in to one of the most rigorous and selective gifted and talented programs in the area. And she is performing exceptionally well, with straight, high-level A’s in all subjects.

But a Yorkshire education goes way beyond just the academics. In addition to a personally tailored, one-on-one educational program, Yorkshire kids are also taught to live, laugh, and love. Our daughter developed poise, confidence, and obvious leadership qualities through her participation in Yorkshire’s unparalleled fine and performing arts program, a broad base of interesting enrichment classes, and the opportunity to take on additional challenge and succeed in programs like State-wide PSIA academic competitions.

Yorkshire’s strong international flavor also creates a tapestry in which children learn to appreciate and celebrate individual differences and strengths, which in turn creates good citizens of the community, and indeed, the world.

We searched long and hard for the right environment for our daughter, and I can honestly say that Yorshire will always have, not only our gratitude, but also a piece of our heart.”

Eileen, mother of Rachael, 2005 Grad

“Hunter, Heather and Hayley attended Yorkshire for a combined total of more than 25 years. We believe this is some kind of Yorkshire record. During this time, they received much more than just an education. They received love, attention, dedication, passion and discipline. They learned not only reading, writing and arithmetic—they learned to speak and perform in front of large audiences—and ultimately they gained self-confidence. Yorkshire Academy has provided the foundation that has enabled them to excel in Middle School and High School. Not only are they better students due to their experiences at Yorkshire Academy—they are better people. Thanks to our family at Yorkshire!”

Dave and Melinda

“Yorkshire Academy gave our children, Max and Samantha, an incredible educational foundation that we credit for their great successes through junior high, and now their high school years. The loving environment, coupled with accelerated academics, and a myriad of enrichment opportunities helped to shape them into high achieving, respectful and confident students. Now attending public schools in Katy, families still ask us why we sent our children to private school when our area is known for its quality education and we always respond, ‘You would just have to visit Yorkshire Academy, to see what can be accomplished in elementary schools. It’s the best parental decision we’ve made.’”

Lori and Mark

“I came to Yorkshire Academy in second grade, and felt at home very quickly. I loved my teacher and I made lots of friends. In my four years at the school we worked hard, but also had lots of fun. The school plays were always great and I loved being ‘Shanti’ in the Jungle Book when I got to fifth grade. When it came to graduation time, my class wanted to bribe Mrs. Swinbank to add a middle school so we could ‘learn on’ at Yorkshire, but graduation day came and a lot of tears were shed. I moved on to Holy Spirit’s middle school for my sixth grade, and even though I liked that school too, there were still some times that I wished I could go back to Yorkshire Academy, and all those great years I had there. I am now in 7th grade at the International School of Western Australia in Perth. Yorkshire Academy is one of those schools that I know will be hard to forget but it also helped make me the person I am and I know I will be able to do well any where we go in the world. Thank you everyone at Yorkshire Academy for making it such a special place.”

Lauren, 7th grader now living in Perth, Australia 

We have very fond memories of Greg and Anna’s time at Yorkshire. Yorkshire Academy really did give them a great start to their school careers.

Natasha D., Scotland

“I like my school here in Singapore as I have a lot of friends to play with in my class, but the learning part at Yorkshire was more fun.”

Ashka, first grader now attending an international school in Singapore that follows the IB program.

“Yorkshire Academy provided the best academic foundation. I still use Mrs. Howard’s math methods in high school!”



“Nicholas is doing really well at his new school. We finally got him into the British one that we had wanted in the first place. Thanks to Ms Burnsides and her Math he is in the top group which has given him tons of confidence. He gets on the bus every morning with his big brother and they are whisked off (15 mins away!) to his new enormous Malaysian school.”

Nicholas, kindergartener now living in Malaysia. At Yorkshire 2001–2005.

“We had a wonderful experience at Yorkshire Academy in 2000. Our children received a terrific academic foundation. They have loving, fond memories of Yorkshire that will stay with them forever.”

Shari & John

“We can’t imagine being luckier in our choice of schools for Lauren. The loving, nurturing environment, and great academic program at Yorkshire Academy was just what we were looking for in a school and we were fortunate to find YA tucked away on Memorial Drive. The Admin and teaching staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and it wasn’t long till we were happily ensconced in Yorkshire life — yes, I do mean ‘we’. Yorkshire isn’t just a ‘school’ it is a big family where everyone is encouraged to get involved and to feel a part of the school. We will always remember the good times we had and will always appreciate the great education Lauren got and how wonderfully she thrived during her time there. She still talks about Mrs. Howard’s math class, and I know she will never forget Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Morris and all the other teachers who made such an impression on her young life. Thank you all for everything you do, and good luck for the future as Yorkshire Academy continues to thrive and grow. We will remember you all fondly.”

Lauren’s mom, Julie

“Great beginnings—that is what Yorkshire Academy offered our two sons, Christopher and Jonathan. Both boys have excelled in middle school and now high school, and I’m convinced it is because of the quality education they received at Yorkshire.

1991 to 1997

1995 to 2002

They learned much more than reading, math, and science; they learned to be responsible, to be confident and they learned to be independent thinkers. Most importantly, they learned all of this in a warm, loving environment. Thank you Yorkshire Academy!”

Jean and Bill