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Why Pick a Private Elementary School?

Giving your children the best possible start in life is the goal of every parent, and finding the right school environment for your children is more important today than ever before.

Will the instructors take the time to meet your child’s needs? Will they engage and inspire your child’s mind? Will your child thrive?The appropriate response would be, “it depends on the school.” There are many Houston private and public school options available, and it can be overwhelming to decide what the best option is for your children. At Yorkshire Academy, we’ve built a reputation for quality education, individualized to each child’s needs in a comforting, safe, and welcoming environment. We’ve had the privilege of making a difference in thousands of children’s lives over the last 40 years and our alumni have gone on to be graduates of Texas A&M University, Northwestern University, University of Texas, Baylor, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and many other fine institutions. Our small class sizes, seasoned teaching staff, and innovative and challenging curriculum allow children to mature while improving their academic abilities and confidence. Contact us today for more information.

Private School Vs. Public School

Choosing between a public elementary school and a private elementary school can be a challenging position. It’s important to understand that private school offers students a more secure environment with more choices for children to experience diverse educational opportunities. The curriculum of most private schools meets or exceeds state standards. While private schools administer standardized testing to their students, it is as a guide for schools to know their curriculum is on track and their students rank well nationally. However, standardized tests do not dictate a private school’s general approach to teaching. Which means your children won’t learn the test; they’ll learn how to love learning. Private education means your child is entering a special community of parents concerned with providing the finest possible preparation for their children’s futures. Another advantage of a private elementary school education includes:

  • Students generally do more homework and read more than their public school counterparts
  • A higher level of engagement in the arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities
  • The values of hard work and achievement are shared by all members of the private school community
  • Teachers engage in healthy interactions with students and have greater instructional latitude, allowing them to create innovative and inspiring lessons.
  • Ethical behavior and good citizenship are emphasized
  • Clear communication between parents and the school is encouraged.

What’s the Yorkshire Academy difference?

At Yorkshire Academy, we value students as individuals who are forming relationships with the world around them as they mature. Every child is unique and has unique needs, but with the right balance of challenges and support, your students can overcome any obstacle they set their minds to. We specialize in private elementary school education for children 18 months through fifth grade. While families often ask us to expand into middle school, we have held that there are huge advantages in building a challenging and enriching environment for just elementary and younger students. Students thrive in a school where everyone on the staff knows their name, the academics are ambitious, the enrichment classes are first rate, and the class size is small. While some families may feel it’s more convenient to enroll their child in one school for elementary through junior high school, we feel adapting to new environments and programs is part of achieving maturity, and ultimately serves the child’s needs. Besides offering an exceptional in-class curriculum, we also offer safe, caring, and fun after-school classes, and a very popular summer program, as well.  Some of our afterschool classes include:

  • Spanish
  • Soccer
  • Art
  • Piano/Voice/Guitar
  • Tae kwon do
  • Dance
  • Coding
  • Chess 

Contact us today to find out how we can best serve your children’s needs.