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International Families’ Information

Yorkshire Academy enjoys educating children from all over the world. Currently our Yorkshire families list 60 different countries of origin on their registration forms.

You can imagine how such an eclectic group of students makes for a wonderfully accepting and inviting private school environment for young children. Throughout Yorkshire Academy’s long history, literally thousands of students have come through our doors and gone back to their respective countries. Parents can take comfort in knowing that each student has been able to seamlessly re-enter their old school, or for those families being sent to a new country, the students easily adapt there as well.

How to Apply From Overseas?

Our online registration process makes applying overseas very easy. While an on-site visit is always preferred, there are times it is not possible, and we do our best to accommodate each family. For 18 months-Pre-Kindergarten students, if space permits, registration can be made and students accepted once appropriate fees are paid. For elementary students (Kindergarten-5th grade), testing is required prior to acceptance. Using our local evaluation team is preferred, but if that is not possible, we will work with families to secure the necessary information so that acceptance can be made prior to arrival.

What if Your Child Does Not Speak English?

Yorkshire Academy is one of the few Houston private schools that is happy to accept students who do not speak English. We have watched with amazement many students being immersed into our English speaking environment, and within a very short time, these young students begin to understand English, and then with a little more time, begin to speak it as well. The students become very proud of their new language, and we are always so proud of the courage they have shown in taking on such a challenge.

Yorkshire Academy’s diverse group of parents are encouraged to come into their child(ren)’s classroom and share their different cultures and religions.

Mentor Program

To assist new Yorkshire families with the school transition, the Parent Volunteer Community (PVC) teams a new Yorkshire family with families who have been at Yorkshire Academy for a while. Every school has their own way of doing things, and having a Yorkshire ‘mentor’ really makes it easier for the new families to discover ‘the Yorkshire way.’