The method Yorkshire Academy’s West Houston Pre-Kindergarten uses to prepare its four-year old students for the transition to elementary school blends the core subjects: math, language arts, social studies and science with a wide array of enrichment classes, i.e. music, art, computer, library, and Spanish.


To provide a secure environment that fosters a positive self-image by helping each child develop age appropriate social and cognitive skills through multi-sensory learning experiences.

Your Child’s Age

  • Age 4 by September 1st

About Us

  • Frogstreet Press Curriculum
  • Critical Thinking Exercises
  • Math Centers
  • Emerging Reading/Phonemic Awareness/Fine Motor Skills
  • Hands-on Science & Social Studies Units
  • 1:15 teacher/student ratio
  • 3 parent/teacher conferences per year
  • Spanish
  • Marvelous Music
  • Art Adventures
  • P.E. / Coach Josh's KidFit Program
  • Library's special stories
  • Computer: Ipad & curriculum linked apps
  • British Curriculum Equivalent

Watch our ‘Fabulous Fours and Fives’ become fantastic readers and incredible mathematicians, counting by 10s, patterning, adding and subtracting. We love our daily small group instruction, balanced and blended learning, age appropriate centers, and special activities like making applesauce on Johnny Appleseed day.


Frog Street Pre-K curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based program that integrates instruction across developental domains and early learning disciplines. In addition, Pre-K students enjoy the same enrichment classes as the elementary students: art, computer, library, music, physical education and Spanish.

Language Arts

Phonics, blending, and reading are taught on an individual basis. Written lowercase letters are emphasized. Literature is based on the “letter and sound of the week.”


Symbol recogntion and counting patterns, set correspondence, daily application of numbers, patterning, graphing, initiating beginning concept of subtraction and addition are stressed. Students develop skills through the use of manipulatives, regular practice, and practical application.

Social Studies

We love learning about Community Helpers. In additon, students are introduced to the seven continents, and with a major focus on appreciating different cultures, especially those represented in our classrooms.


Students study trees, flowers, fruit, plants, and animal habitats. Animal families are classified into mammals, insects, and birds. Hands-on experiments are conducted with magnets, aspects of color, properties of oil and water, and others. There is also an introduction to the solar system, earthquakes, and volcanoes.


Music instruction revolves around the seasons and holidays. Pre-K students perform in a holiday show, Buckaroo Breakfast, as the opening act for our elementary musical, and a Mother’s Day Tea program.


A love of art is instilled in each student by exposing them to a variety of medium as well as exposing them to different artists and genre. Students exercise fine-motor skills and eye-hand coordination by learning to draw lines and shapes, by using scissors, and by working with crayons, markers, paint, and glue. In addition, they reinforce knowledge of colors by mixing paints.


There is a continuation of basic counting, colors, parts of the body, salutations, and knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Physical Education

Coach Josh’s KidFit program brings magic and creativity to these classes.Students are introduced to the idea of fitness including informal exposure to the basic elements of physical education.

School Hours

  • Arrival 8:15–8:30 a.m. with class beginning promptly at 8:30 a.m.
  • Students not attending Afternoon Enrichment are escorted to the Memorial drive-thru for 12:00 p.m. pick up.
  • Afternoon Enrichment students are to be picked up at the Memorial drive-thru between 2:30–2:45 p.m.

Highlights of The Year

  • Witnessing so many first-time readers is thrilling
  • Watching the transformation from math as play to math as numbers and computation
  • Sharing our different cultures
  • Annual field trips, usually to a play in the fall and a ranch in the spring
  • Opening Act for the annual spring musical
  • Buckaroo Breakfast with Dad and/or Granddad
  • Mother’s Day Tea
  • Enjoying interesting speakers